Get to Know Me Tag

Here’s the point where the sensible ones read this post’s title and run away.

Anywho, thanks to the lovely Mariana at Book is Glee for tagging me ages ago. Sorry I’m the actual worst at updating this blog!

Here we go.

Vital Stats

Name: Technically, Brianna. But call me that and chances are, I’ll hurt you in the face.

Nickname: Bree

Birthday: January 18

Star Sign: Capricorn… I am indeed a goat, which is far more accurate than I’m comfortable with.

Occupation: Student


Hair Color: Brown

Hair Length: Short enough that I get disapproving looks from elderly women on a daily basis. It’s a short pixie cut, I suppose.

Eye Color: Brown

Best Feature: Eyebrows, for sure. Not because they’re attractive or anything, but because I was blessed with alarmingly strong face muscles and I can make my eyebrows arch like nobody’s business. It’s almost frightening, really.

Braces: Sure don’t miss those little demons tearing open my mouth-flesh every minute of every agonizing day!

Piercings: One in each ear

Tattoos: Nope

Right or left: Right


Best Friend: Some peculiar, slimy child in kindergarten that I don’t remember awfully well and don’t care to remember, either.

Award: I was the very first student of the week way back in first grade. It’s something I obnoxiously bragged about for about three minutes and completely forgot about until this very moment. Huh.

Sport: I tried soccer once, hated every moment of it, ran inside, and started reading books instead.

Real Holiday: Ummm. Pass?

Concert: Do school concerts count? Because I played the marimba for my school’s most recent concert— and in the score from Star Wars, nonetheless. For those of you who don’t know, the marimba is the coolest-ever instrument and a glorious little thing. A heckuva lot of fun, too. And, besides, Star Wars! You cannot get any cooler than Star Wars (sorry Trekkies)!

bb8 my love.gif


Film: Psycho, Forrest Gump, Whiplash, the Star Wars trilogy, and Tangled (for even I succumb to the splendor of animated Disney films)

TV Show: Supernatural. 1000% Supernatural.

Color: Somewhere between red and orange

Song: (You asked for it. This is all on you.)

  • EVERY SINGLE Beatles song
  • Every song from Phantom of the Opera
  • Every song from Les Miz
  • Every Christmas carol (except for that disconcerting one about the hippopotamus; I never was too fond of that one)
  • All of Billy Joel’s songs
  • Turkish March
  • American Pie
  • The score from Star Wars
  • It Don’t Mean a Thing
  • Carry on Wayward Son
  • Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Hound Dog
  • Moonage Daydream
  • And, of course, Hakuna Matata, among others

Restaurant: Can’t say I have one

Shop: Barnes and Noble, naturally

Books: My all-time favorite book is Six of Crows, but others include:

  • Wolf by Wolf
  • The Raven Cycle
  • The Book Thief
  • The Grisha trilogy
  • The Outsiders
  • Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda
  • The Harry Potter series
  • The Lunar Chronicles

Shoes: Er. Sneakers…?


Feeling: Jovial

Single or taken: Do fictional boys count? If so, consider me very taken.

Eating: Cheese

Thinking about: My troublesome dog-child

Watching: Criminal Minds

Wearing: Jeans and a plaid button-down


Want children: Someday

Want to be married: Someday

Careers in mind: A doctor, perhaps, but I also hope I’ll find some time to write a book or two (or twelve) and keep on as a musician

Where you want to live: Ideally, that library from Beauty and the Beast

Do You Believe in…

God: Definitely

Miracles: I suppose

Love at first sight: No, siree!

Ghosts: Nah

Aliens: Sure, there could be bacteria and whatnot floating about around there, but E.T. and the like? I just don’t think so.

Soul mates: I’d say so

Heaven: Yep

Hell: Yep

Kissing on the first date: Are we speaking about me specifically or somebody else? That, dear reader, is the question. (Oh, how I love weaseling my way out of giving honest answers!)

Yourself: I’m too cocky for my own good, truth be told

Wasn’t that fun! Now you all know the extent of my sarcasm, vanity, and disdain for pretty much all things that aren’t Star Wars.

I would tag some of you lovely people, but as aforementioned, this tag has been around a while and heh heh, don’ hurt me, I promise I’m not as awful at this as I seem.

…For the most part, at least.

dean shurg

See you next time, muffins! ❤


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