5 Things I Need to See in The Raven King

raven kingAs per usual, I was fantasizing about the day that The Raven King will finally come out… but this time around, I found myself a tad frightened.

As we all know, I’m more than a little obsessed with everything concerning the Raven Cycle. I’m far too emotionally invested in the characters and need desperately to know what happens to my dearest little fleshloafs.

I have no doubt that Maggie Stiefvater will write an amazing conclusion to the series and leave my heart, spleen, and clavicle aching. I just can’t help but feel a bit horrified at the prospect of something going terribly wrong in The Raven King.

So I made a list of a few things I’d very much like to see.

Just a note: Maggie Stiefvater, if you’re reading this, (a) I am not worthy and (b) I fully expect you to rewrite your entire novel if it does not meet my criteria.

Here goes.


So, I’m sure that The Raven King will be full of heart-wrenching death scenes and whatnot. I’ll sob and sob and Maggie’ll laugh and laugh and it’ll be terrible. Just leave Chainsaw alone, okay? She’s an innocent child that I love and cherish and go away, you madwoman.


Goodness knows I couldn’t loathe this woman more. Do off with her somehow! I don’t even much care how! Just get rid of that insufferable meatball, please.


There’s no way, I know. Heck, I’ll settle for an alright-but-still-quite-depressing ending. Maybe something where only half of the people I love die?  I think that’s a fair compromise.


You’re killing me here, Maggie. No more fake kisses. They physically pain me. Really, they’re going to die anyway. Can’t they just KISS ALREADY?

Lift the curse, or something! I’m more invested in their love lives than mine, for goodness’ sake! I need this. 


Yeah, I’m not going to lie. If Maggie goes ahead and brutally murders everybody in the series except for these two— but they finally DO SOMETHING WITH ALL OF THAT ROMANTIC TENSION— I’ll be pretty delighted.

Buuuut, realistically speaking, I’ll probably end up going down with the ship.




5 thoughts on “5 Things I Need to See in The Raven King

  1. I kind of like Piper! hahaha. It was nice to see a female villain who outdoes the male villains. I mean, she’s totally loathsome, but the GIRL POWER in me was almost rooting for her 🙂 I’ve resigned myself to Gansey dying…. so I’ll be happy if that’s the only death Maggie wants to put me through in the final book (hahahahaha, yeah right!!)

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    1. Oh, believe me, I love Piper. She’s such a good villain! I just need her far, far away because my precious raven boys are in her line of fire and that is not okay. As for me, I’ve taken to telling myself that I’m fully prepared to be emotionally crippled throughout this book. Somehow, though, I don’t entirely believe myself… 😉


      1. I realize this was posted over a month ago and I believe you’ve started The Raven King by now, but I need to talk ANYONE about ANYTHING related to The Raven Cycle because I need to fill the void.

        So. That being said. I think your list is absolutely hilarious and completely valid.


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