5 Reasons Why Book Bloggers are Pretty Much Batman


Wow, Bree, you’re thinking. Your theory makes no sense whatsoever!

Pssh. Sure it does.

Here’s why.

1. We put up with anything and everything. 

I’m an offender in this case, I’ll admit. I take other people’s opinions, throw them on the ground, and dance on the pieces.

And still, I get so furious when people insult my favorite books or, worse, my (hundreds and hundreds of) OTPs.

But I’ll  smile. And I’ll  reply to your idiotic remark. And I’ll secretly plot your downfall.

Teehee.batman angry.gif

2. We’re always busy.

Of course, we book bloggers have lives outside of books.

Any free moment, though, goes to one of two things:

  • Reading books.

Books take time! We’re not all speed-readers! I know that I, personally, use every last bit of my free time to read. Walking down the hallway in between classes? I’m reading a book. Sitting in a movie theater before the film begins? I’m reading a book. Cleaning up the dog’s pee stain from the rug? You bet there’s a book in my free hand!

  • Writing about books

It takes me far too long to write these posts. Hours. And hours. Every. Single. Time.

…Which makes for a good four hours of sleep, which makes for a very dead, antisocial, belligerent Bree the next morning.

batman no friends

3. We’re always dealing with unexpected dilemmas. 

Such as the following:

  • I used “there” instead of “their” and only just realized six hours after I posted my post.
  • Yes, I’m a real-life kid who reads books. Yes, I would mind speaking to your child about his reading habits.
  • Sarah J. Maas’ next book doesn’t come out for four months.
  • The Raven King‘s release date was supposed to be months ago, but that would be too easy, wouldn’t it?
  • Etc.

We never can see these things coming, but alas, we must cope with them.

Ah, the woes of the bookish.
batman fighting shark

4. It’s exhausting to always be explaining ourselves to the non-bookish.

I’ve had far too many conversations go as follows:

“No, I can’t come to dinner tonight… I really want to! It’s just that this new release showed up on my porch today, and I’ve been waiting for months and it’s [insert amazing author here], for God’s sake!”

“Um, yeah. It’s a blog about books… Nope, just books… It’s not boring. Actually, it’s a lot of fun… yes, people read it… No, they read it because they like it… Some people read books, you know… Yes, real people!”

“I read a lot of young adult, actually… No, The Cat in the Hat is a children’s book… Yes, there’s a difference.”

“The Literary Hellion… Oh. You’ve never heard of it? Well then… Excuse me, let’s see your oh-so-successful blog then, you buffoon!… Yeah, I thought so… Google it!… You forgot my blog’s name already. Of course you forgot the name… I hate you, you know that?… I. Will. Tell. You. One. More. Time. That. Is. It.”i'm batman.gif

5. Sometimes it feels like everything would be so much easier if we quit and ran away to the Batcave for good.

Once again, I’ll mention that book blogging is maybe the hardest thing to do.

While there is a heckuva lot of fun that comes with it, there is also stress. All of the stress. Every last bit of the stress.

So much stress.

As in, I haven’t posted in a week, oh my goodness, everybody’s abandoned me, what am I going to do, I must write a new post but I don’t have the time, aghhh.

Or, I have too many ARCs, how am I supposed to read them all, how am I supposed to review them all, all of the pressure, my spleen hurts, save me please, I think I’ll just read that shiny book over there instead. 

Suffice to say, this whole book blogging shenanigan is not all fun and games. But if you do want to give up, don’t! WHAT WOULD HAPPEN TO GOTHAM CITY IF BATMAN RAN AWAY, HUH?

Just take a short little break, iron your cape, and all that. I promise you’ll be alright. Ish.

batman surf.gif

All in all, blogging takes a lot of time and effort and work and Batmobiles, on a good day.

So, good job, book bloggers! Here’s to us and our superhuman capabilities!

batman gobbles cookies


44 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Book Bloggers are Pretty Much Batman

  1. This is one of my favorite posts ever! I totally get how people don’t understand was excited about my followers rising told mom… The excitement was not shared… Can’t wait to read more of your posts!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Fantastic post, Bree! Agreed, blogging is super fun and the people I meet through this hobby is worthwhile but it’s very time consuming. And whoever said blogging is not stressful is totally lying. There’s some overwhelming moments. But like I said, it all depends if it’s worth it. And I agree with you on all your points except for dealing with non bookish people. I’m actually a closet reader. Not a lot of my friends know I enjoy reading but a select few. I also like to read at home more, so I rarely go out with a book. Therefore I hardly ever have to explain to people about my bookish habits. I guess I’m sort of like batman in that sense, too. XD

    Liked by 1 person

  3. THIS POST ❤

    This post is SO agreeable, I CANNOT wait for the Sarah J. Maas' novels coming up (I think I'm about to explode: GIVE IT TO ME) and explaining what reading is like to people who don't read books. That difficulty is one of the hardest. *cries*

    Great post 🙂 thank you for making me feel like Batman (my natural state while reading is a slump of human curled around a book crying like the world is ending – not a brilliant sight to walk into)

    Liked by 1 person

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