Since You’ve Been Gone Review

since you've been gone

I’ve decided that I’m going to mimic the entirety of this book’s plot. I’m going to disappear and leave only this list that will steer you away from anything remotely Since You’ve Been Gone-ish:

  1. Read a book with an original plot
  2. Read a book with an intelligent protagonist
  3. Read a book with an interesting protagonist
  4. Read a book with consistency
  5. Read a book with real-life character development
  6. Read a book that doesn’t have a roadtrip which can magically mend hurt feelings
  7. Read a book with a teenage girl who is not a blatant teenage girl archetype
  8. That gorgeous cover. And somewhere to read it.
  9. Read a book that lives up to the hype
  10. Read a book that uses its Beatles references wisely
  11. Read a book that’s not painfully boring
  12. Read a book with a well written romance
  13. Read a book that ties up loose ends well
  14. Read a good book

Find me once you have finished this spiritual cleansing I have so generously offered you.

Entice me with the details.

But mostly, dear reader, spare yourself the agony that is this book.


13 thoughts on “Since You’ve Been Gone Review

  1. It’s unfortunate that you didn’t enjoy this one! I quite liked it, but I did realize that it was one of those books that I just kind of had to let blur around the edges, if you know what I mean. I did appreciate the friendship factor, and I thought the idea of a list was really cool.

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    1. I can definitely see why you liked it. It had a whole bunch of great things. I just had too many issues with the story. Don’t worry, though. I’m the world’s biggest fusspot. 😉

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