Bookish Letdowns of 2015

While there were so many books I loved this year, there were many I abhorred with a sort of passion, and even more that were so disgusting meh.

I’m sorry if I offend you or your opinions. I tend to channel my inner Dolores Umbridge on these kinds of posts.

In fact, I have a lot of big, scary feelings that are dying to get out right about now.

Let’s explore them, shall we?Ugh. This one.

That’s the last time I ever say, “Ooh, look at all that hype! It must be decent enough.”

I’ll be astoundingly candid (shocking, I know) in saying that I went into this book expecting absolutely nothing. Less than nothing, really.

And still, as I read on, I found myself disappointed.

How that is possible, I have no blessed idea.

There is not one good thing about this book. For one, there’s next to no plot. Keplinger took all the clichΓ©s she could find, duct-taped them all together, and passed it off as a book.

The worst part is that all of the pitiful dilemmas in this book could’ve been avoided if only the main character had this crazy little thing called common sense.

You know, this book makes me angry.

I’m done.


You may have guessed from my obsessing over it and whatnot, but I am an enormous fan of Westerfeld’s Leviathan trilogy, which is extremely underrated and so good!

Whenever I pick up another one of Westerfeld’s works, I’m cautiously optimistic that maybe he learned how to be the greatest writer again.

But then… Nope.

Westerfeld just seemed like he was bored with the story throughout this entire novel. It was no fun to read, and made me kind of hate the book. And there’s also the fact that, you know, it had an awful plot to begin with.

This book and its alternating narratives were, um, unique. Special in that I was able to read two awful stories in one!

What a bang for my buck!

Lucky Bree!

the rest of us just live here

Once I’d read Ness’ A Monster Calls, that was it.

I was convinced that the man could do no wrong. With a book like that glorious thing, how could he ever go sour?

I’ve should’ve learned my lesson from Westerfeld.


This book had an amazing concept, too! There was so much potential! (Oh, gosh. I sound like my English teacher. Help me.)

Ugh. Why have you forsaken me, Ness? What have I done to deserve such treachery?!

ruby red

I’d heard a lot of good things going into this book, so I was really disappointed to find it so… appalling.

I don’t know, it just seemed so childish. The humor, the writing style, the plot, the romance, all of it. Everything just seemed so underdeveloped and bland.

No me gusta.
daughter of deep silence.jpg

I was promised a revenge story. A gory, bloody, horrifying revenge story.

Instead, I got:

  • a girl swooning over the boy who betrayed her trust
  • a girl snogging the boy who betrayed her trust
  • a girl swooning over her dead best friend’s lover
  • a girl who repeats the same points so many times, you have to wonder if she didn’t get bonked on the head during the attack
  • no plot

So, yeah, wonderful.

sweet evil.jpg

Rule number one of life: Never insult a drummer’s musical abilities.

Higgins clearly doesn’t know any drummers.

We have no qualms about physically harming those who insult us.


Also, that only-hunky-guys-play-the-drumsΒ clichΓ©. Don’t even get me started on that.

top ten clues

Lastly, I’ll just throw in one that infuriates me.

This book is about a girl who works in a supermarket.

It’s just as interesting as it sounds.

This post has made me realize that I’m not very kind to books.

I guess that explains a lot, eh?

Well, I suppose that’s my job here. To embarrass books.

…I should get a raise.


20 thoughts on “Bookish Letdowns of 2015

  1. I’ve only read two books on your list (The Duff and Sweet Evil) and I didn’t really like both of them. Sweet Evil had potential, but turned out to be kinda boring and didn’t continue in the series. And The Duff… oh gosh I hated every single character in the book.

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  2. I thought that “Afterworlds” had a few unrealistic aspects (e.g. Darcy’s book deal and Lizzie’s way of dealing with her problems), and I thought they swore unnecessarily, but other than that I thought it was okay. Interesting post! πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

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