Best Love Interests of 2015

As a precursor of sorts, I’d just like to say: This is so hard!

I don’t know why all of the fictional boys have to be so attractive.

There’s like this unspoken universal rule.

Therefore, I can’t put any rhyme or reason to this list, as they’re all my babies, and I love them fiercely.

1. anna and the french kiss

Étienne is a puppy dog, with less fur and slightly less slobber.

Just like a little puppy dog, he can’t make up his God-forsaken mind. It’s infuriating, really.

But, oh, how attractive the boy is.

1.snow like ashes

I’ll admit that Theron is the most clichéd love interest I’ve ever encountered.

He doesn’t want to be the prince.

He wants to write sappy love poems, admire paintings, and let his shoulder-length hair (I kid you not) flow in the breeze as he gallops away on horseback.

But, gosh, if he isn’t cute as a button.

1.half bad

Is Gabriel an official love interest?

He’d better be.

Hey, if Nathan doesn’t want him, I’ll just wait over here… for eternity… slowly corroding…

(I know. I’m so attractive, dear reader.)


Hayden is a nerd with both a sound social life and his sanity in tact.

By far the best part of the book, too.

Bonus points: he likes Firefly. queen

Maven is also the best part of his novel.

Bree is a close second in this book (I guess it comes with the name), but Maven really takes the cake.

I loved him in the beginning, I love him in the middle, I loved him in the end. Simple as that.

He just had a way of making everything so… interesting.

He’s wonderful. Don’t deny it.

1.the selection

I was never aboard the whole oh-Aspen-what-a-great-guy ship.

No, sir.

As soon as Maxon was introduced, I thought to myself, “Now, this guy is profoundly creepy, calling every lady fellow he encounters ‘my dear’. I love him!”

Books do the strangest things to the brain…

1.the heir

Down here in the next generation, we’ve got Kile. What an adorable mound of the flesh the boy is.

Am I selling him yet?

Anywho, it’s true, I’m very much Team Kile.

Sue me.


Oh, come on, have you read those emails between Simon and Blue?

They’re so grammatically flawless!

Plus, I love Blue’s real identity even more than his fake identity, believe it or not.

So. Gosh. Darn. Adorable.

1.heir of fire

If you do not ship Aelin and Rowan, you’re wrong.

Very, very wrong.

1.the wrath and the dawn

How can somebody who murdered each and every one of his wives be so romantic?

Curse you, Khalid.

Only in books, I tell you!

Only in books do endings like that mess happen and only at books do I sob like a wounded baby who has fallen out of a very full diaper and landed face-first on the pavement.

(I’m so attractive, I can’t stand it, dear reader.)

1+.the forbidden wish.jpg

I just finished this glorious piece of literature and I can’t get over it.

Aladdin is fantastic and I love him so much and GUYS, GO READ THIS BOOK, IT IS A MASTERPIECE, I PROMISE.

Only, now I have the biggest book hangover and help me please.

Why do I do this to myself, dear reader?

Every single time!

…I’m a mess…


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