Christmas Book Haul

Naturally, it being the day after Christmas and all, I received some books. And as I was going to put them on my bookshelves, I thought about you, dear reader.

I’m not certain if you really care all that much, but here’s my little Christmas book haul!

20151225_140220First up is as follows:

I’ve been wanting to read this one for a good long while, but mostly because Leigh Bardugo!

Why is Leigh Bardugo so good at all of the writing?

I honestly don’t know anything about this one, but I have heard all of the highest praises and I’m fairly intrigued.

I began reading The Girl of Fire and Thorns (also by Rae Carson) a while back and I kind of loved it. Of course, I put it down for no good reason (why do I do these things to myself?!) but now I really want to read this one, the fickle reader I am.


V.E. Schwab is rumored to be an astounding eloquent book goddess that this world was miraculously blessed with. We’ll see, we’ll see.

Scary girl masquerading as a boy. OF COURSE I’M GOING TO READ IT!

I’ve been wanting to read this book as long as it has been a book and I’ve gotten tired of you, dear reader, yelling at me to do so… Or maybe that was me. Never the matter! I have it now.

Seeming that it is, in fact, a book of mine now, it may very well take me a year or five to read it.

Plus, that cover is a holy mess of gorgeous and I’d love so much to sniff it.

…That’s normal, right?


Once again, I feel I must witness the beloved Queen Schwab’s notorious reign.

Also, superheroes, guys!


The girl on the cover seems sassy and has a nice-looking haircut. Kind of like Blue Sargent. I’m getting good vibes, I tell you.

As a little afterthought, the summary sounds pretty great.

I haven’t read high fantasy in a while and it seems that all of the readers who read all of the books enjoy this piece of literature immensely.

Also, magic.


And as a little bonus, I also got this adorable little guy whom I adore very, very much.

He’s found that he fits right in on my bookshelves.

It’s kind of the greatest thing.

Well, that’s all for me on the bookish front.

Merry that-really-depressing-day-after-Christmas, dear reader! ❤


15 thoughts on “Christmas Book Haul

  1. You got great books! A Darker Shade of Magic, Vicious and A Thousand Pieces of You have been in my TBR for a while. Sabriel is on my TBR too but at least I have that one and I can read it whenever I want haha But I haven’t herad anything about it in a while and I’m glad you made me remember it 😀 I hope you enjoy all your books!

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  2. Yes to Victoria Schwab! And as for Vicious, it’s definitely a case of supervillians. I have also read a Darker Shade of Magic (so in love with Lila), while Vengeance Road and Walk on Earth a Stranger is in my TBR pile (bought it but have not read it). Great choices!

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  3. Ooooh I hope you like the Victoria Schwab books as much as I do! (Just adding to that hype). Plus I LOVE the mini Harry, it’s so cute! Going to have to get one to add to my small collection of pop figures 🙂

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    1. I want to love them so badly! I’m hoping I do! Vicious is about SUPERVILLAINS, I’ve been told recently, so now I’m even more excited! I LOVE supervillains!
      Oh, and the mini Harry is adorable! I love it. Now, I just have to insinuate it into my ranks of ducks that are swarming my bookshelves. 😀

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  4. I adore Vicious! ❤ It's one of my favourite books ever. And Victoria Schwab is amazing and I really hope that you'll like her books! 😀 There are sooo many good ones that you got, many that I want to read as well. Also that Harry Potter funko is freaking adorable! I MUST buy one for myself already! 😀

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