Best Friendships of 2015

Once again, I’ll just leave a little disclaimer that these aren’t necessarily books that were published in 2015, but simply a few I happened to read this year.


I really love the friendship between Nick and Simon and Leah. They’re just a big bundle of lovable, albeit flawed, characters and I really want to hug them all a lot.


Ryan Dean and Joey have a splendid sort of friendship.

I love it, but it also breaks my heart. If you’ve read the book, you’ll understand that agggggh.


Lennie and Sarah have a wonderful relationship.

It teaches a lesson, really.

Drummers are the most reliable, most witty, and overall best kinds of people.

8.lion heart.jpg

Scarlet and Much were nice and friendly all throughout this series, but their friendship really rang true for me in the last book.

Much is the best to Scarlet all of the time, even when she doesn’t reserve it, not even remotely. Scarlet, in return, is kind of selfish. But that’s okay, because they’re great and, shhh, don’t think about it all too much.

7.six of crows

Okay, so I’ll admit that I haven’t exactly read this one, yet.

But it’s by Leigh Bardugo…

So the friendships are bound to be: (a) wonderful and (b) full of delightfully scary and tush-kicking characters


Isla and Kurt are adorable. Kurt is a puppy dog, whereas Isla is a malicious, scrubby cat.

Somehow, it works.


It’s pretty obvious, yes, but I’m going with Lucien and Tamlin for this one.

They’re just lovely together.


Karou and Zuzana are probably the most comical set of buddies I’ve ever read about.

Karou is more dignified than not, admittedly, but Zuzana is hilarious. She’s unrelenting, that girl.

But when Karou is around Zuzana, her all-too-staid manner washes right away.

And that is what a true friend does, and that is when Karou and Zuzana are  so very wonderful. of bones

Let’s suppose there was no love triangle, just for a moment, please.

Because, Simon and Clary!

Only Simon can put up with Clary’s antics, and I’m honestly not sure why Clary is one of the five people who seem to enjoy Simon’s company (everyone’s so critical of musicians nowadays).

But they work so well as the best of friends, I hope that never stops happening, but curse you raging hormones, so that will probably stop happening, I’m really scared to read the next few books now.

(Don’t any of you in the comments spoil anything beyond the first book. I am watching you like a hawk.)


Nobody can say that Celaena and Nehemia are not one of the best pair of friends there ever were.

Apparently, royalty and assassins get along swimmingly! Who knew?!





There are a whole lot of fantastic friendships in young adult, but my favorite friendship has to go to Cinder and Iko.

A wee little Cinder fixed a wee little Iko years and years before, and what’s a cuter story than that?

Also, Cinder is incredibly sassy.

And Iko has at least ten times the sass Cinder does.

There’s so much sass! It’s superb!

They make the best team. It’s irrefutable. I do not wish to hear any objections, because I know what I’m talking about, for once.

Hmm. I suppose some of their sass must’ve rubbed off on me over the books.



9 thoughts on “Best Friendships of 2015

      1. I love all the characters and all the friendships in the Lunar Chronicles, haha. Next to Cinder and Iko, I would say that Cinder and Thorne’s platonic friendship is one of my favorites! 🙂


      2. She is honestly one of my favorite authors. I actually got to meet her at a Winter Book Signing a month ago. She was so sweet! ^_^

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