Dashing Through the Snow Book Tag

Thanks to Jessica at The Awkward Book Blogger and Anna at My Bookish Dream for tagging me. You two are now my best friends, whether you wish to be or not. Mwahaha.

1. Name a book you would like to see under your Christmas tree.

rose & the dagger

I would go to unreasonable lengths to have this glorious mesh of words under my Christmas tree.

I need it, I need it, I NEED IT.

But when it is Christmas, it won’t be there and I’ll sob a lot.

The best part is that I know my family will be whispering, “It’s that Aladdin book, isn’t it? Why didn’t you get it?! Wait, when does it come out? …Oh. Hmm. She really does need help controlling her emotions.”

2. A book you’ll be reading during the Christmas Season.

since you've been gone

I was sauntering through the library and I had to pick this one up, what with its festive seasonal cover.

3. Favorite Christmas Movie.



Don’t think too hard about it.

It’s a Christmas movie, for sure.

4. Do you like snow?

Snow makes me happier than just about anything else in this life.

I am in love with snow. I need snow, why isn’t it snowing this year, help me please.

5. Name a character you you would like to spend your Christmas day with.

These goobers, of course.


6. To give or to receive?

To give!

I’m admittedly awful at finding Christmas gifts for people I love, and they usually throw my gifts out of the window forcefully as soon as I leave.

Giving gifts, though, makes me feel like I’m not quite as terrible a person as we all know I am.

It makes me feel like I’m really doing some good in this world.

That’s generally when I realize I’ve forgotten to buy gifts for a good two, three people.

7. What fictional place would you like to spend Christmas at?

the lightning thief

Christmas at Camp Half-Blood does, in fact, sound like the very best thing and can I please go there now?

8. Fondest Christmas memory?

I genuinely have no clue, so I’ll share my worst memory.

So, I was five years old and there was this big, fat Santa bloke who was coming to visit my very Catholic school.

All the other little kids were very excited to chat with the impostor and his just as transparent companion, who was posing as Mrs. Claus.

I, however, wasn’t at all excited.

Soon enough, it was my turn to take a photo with Santa and while an older student attempted to coax me into sitting on Santa’s God-forsaken bench already, I refused to move even an inch.

Sooner than later, Santa manhandled five-year-old me and ended up squishing me in between him and his warthog of a “wife”.

With Santa’s sweat soaking my left side and Mrs. Claus’ nauseating perfume having me frighteningly close to hurling, they took their photograph.

All that torture I went trough for an insignificant photo.

You should have seen my face…

That may very well be the most miserable I’ve ever been.

9. Can you say Christmas tree ten times FAST  in a row (pronouncing it correctly!)


Annnd to finish it off, I tag these delightful bloggers:

Analee @ Book Snacks

Aentee @ Read at Midnight

Cassidy @ The Little Book Cottage 


19 thoughts on “Dashing Through the Snow Book Tag

  1. Yaaay for being your best friend now! 😉
    I ADORE Nightmare Before Christmas! It’s one of my favourite movies. ❤ It's not snowing either where I live, which is quiet sad, I can't wait for it to actually snow. Ooooh Christmas at Camp Half-Blood sounds like a lot of fun! 😀
    Also, HOW IN THE WORLD did you manage to say Christmas tree 10 times fast! That's incredible!


    1. Nightmare Before Christmas was played at pretty much every holiday in my house, growing up (that might explain a lot) and oh my gooooodness, I love it.
      I neeeeed snow. Everything is worse without snow… But I still love that it’s Christmas in less than a week (!!!).
      I would love to be surrounded by the year-round campers, like Annabeth and Percy during Christmas, nonetheless.
      And I’m just pretty sure I’m a wizard. I have no blessed idea how I got my mouth to cooperate with me,for once. But woo-hoo! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha, for me and my family it’s Home Alone (number one and two) every year! Though I started watching Nightmare Before Christmas a few years ago! Another thing, I have watched Corpse Bride on Christmas ever since it came out (around 10 years ago)… I have no idea what’s up with that, but it became a tradition! ;D
        I have no idea how it’s already Christmas, this year flew by – not that I’m complaining, Christmas is the best time of the year. ❤ Still hoping that it will snow before Christmas, as a white Christmas is something I love the most.
        Hahahaha, you definitely are!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh, Home Alone is another great one! And, shame on me, I’ve never actually seen The Corpse Bride… Yeahhh. I really need to get on that.
        This year really did go by quickly, and while that’s a tad frightening, it’s Christmas, so I’m alright with the whole situation.
        I’m still holding out for a white Christmas, too. There’s nothing quite as magical, at least, not in my experience. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I just watched “The Nightmare Before Christmas” the other night and it awesome! The Pumpkin King & Co. got me right into the holiday spirit. I might also add “Die Hard” as my fave unconventional x-mas movie. Seeing that at the cinema on Monday! 🙂


    1. I love, love, love The Nightmare Before Christmas. It’s so inadvertently festive! Haha, Die Hard is a great Christmas movie, too!
      Along the lines of holiday movies, I feel like: if it gets you into the Christmas spirit, it’s a legitimate excuse to watch it every waking moment until Christmas. But that might just be me. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, I’m definitely on board with that! I still have the last song that Jack and Sally sing together stuck in my head: “Anyone can see, we’re simply meant to beeeee.” I love it! 🙂 Happy x-mas movie binging, ha ha!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. “It’s that Aladdin book isn’t it?” I CRACKED UP xD But I’m so glad you posted this tag! I’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR A CHRISTMAS /BOOKISH/ TAG! HAPPY HOLIDAYS, FRIEND (what your name btw? I call you Literary Hellion. Is that okay?) AND I DO NOT THINK YOU ARE A HORRIBLE PERSON WHY DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, YOU COTTON CANDY SWADDLED ANGEL BABE? Btw your christmas memory reminds me of A Christmas Story when that creepy mall santa goes “HO HO HO” into the camera xD so awful!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha! I’m glad you like it. 🙂
      As far as my name, anything goes (Bree, Literary Hellion, that odd one over there, etc.)
      And aw, thanks. I do love being my cotton candy swaddled angel babe self! 😀
      And, admittedly, mall Santas are the most terrifying thing in this life. It’s not okay to go parading around as Santa and frightening the living crud out of small children! It’s kind of funny when you look back on it, yes, but not okay!


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