Best Protagonists of 2015

Now, little disclaimer, these protagonists aren’t necessarily from books that were published in 2015, but in books I happened to read this year.

Top ten sorts of lists intimidate me, so I’m going to go on ahead with 11.

11. confess

Auburn may make the stupidest possible decisions at many times, but I still can’t help but admire her. She’s been through quite a bit, but she doesn’t let that stop her putting every ounce of energy she’s got into spoilers.

It’s true, I do hate her a little bit, but that’s only because she’s a fool.

Her heart’s in the right place, though, so yay!


Karou is fantastic for obvious reasons.

I mean, she’s literal devil-spawn!

9.i'll give you the sun

This book has a sort of half-and-half narrative, so disregard Jude because I loathe her and she’s the worst.

Noah, though, is my squishy little mush of wonderful.

You can’t help but love Noah. For one, he’s kind of just the adorable-ist.

(I’m also really envious of his artistic abilities, too, because agggggh, Noah, you artistic mastermind, you.)

But mostly, Noah and his, er, honeybunch (and I say that only to avoid all of the spoilers) are the cutest and I love them.

8.the start of me and you

At least in my experience, I’ve found that female protagonists in contemporary novels tend to be immensely dense.


7.verily a new hope

This novel is one of the best things e’er to be published and all of the main characters are the very best main characters (though that’s my childhood speaking, for the most part).

This book is up here at #7 more for it is my book baby I love it than anything else.


I’d really like Simon to be my best friend.

He’s so sarcastic. It’s delightful.

5.the wrath and the dawn

Shahrzad is so cool that it hurts.

She doesn’t wait around for a man to come and save her.

No, she goes out, finds said man, and kicks his sorry butt. Repeatedly!

4.a monster calls

I’ve never really read a book from a kid’s point of view that was so unique as Conor’s.

It seems to be expected, in literature, that kids who are in their teens or even a bit younger are decidedly simple-minded.

I love how realistic the portrayal of Conor is in this book. The truth of the matter is that he’s a kid and his mom is sick, and he doesn’t really know what he’s going to do with himself. He’s in a really trying situation, but he never whines, never mopes around, complaining about what it means for him. Rather, every thought of his goes to his mother.

He’s a great kid, who got dealt some bad cards. Instead of running away from what’s become of his life, bad as it is, he makes the best of what he can.

It’s beautiful, really.

But also, dear reader, his sarcasm is on point.

3.heir of fire

I never was too big a fan of Celaena’s, so I was more than glad to see more and more of Aelin in this book.

But, guys, guys, Aelin!


…Aelin and Rowan.

They kick all of the butt, all of the time.

I love everything about them and boy, do I ship it.


The Lunar Chronicles are now over and my heart has broken into thousands of itty bitty little pieces, but that’s okay, because these characters are the bookish loves of my bookish life.

Every last one of them is perfect and I love them but ugh, they’re all grown up now and my heart hurts.


I love Noah Czerny. He’s kind of creepy, but in an adorable way.

I love Ronan Lynch. He’s a tyrant, but I love him.

I love Adam Parrish. He’s too good for all of the everything that seemingly happens only to him.

I love Richard Gansey III. I especially love his glasses.

I love Blue Sargent. I especially love her switchblade.

I want to give everybody in these books a large hug, minus Colin and Piper Greenmantle, minus Neeve, minus Kavinsky, and minus Orla (she scares me more than I’d like to admit).

I love these books more than is socially acceptable, even among the bookish population.

…I’m going to fall apart when I finish The Raven King, aren’t I?



8 thoughts on “Best Protagonists of 2015

  1. Thank you so much for following my blog i really appreciate it! I haven’t read any of the books in your list but I’m really excited to start The Lunar Chronicles!


  2. I read this list going, “Yep, yep, yep, yep…”!
    Completely agree about Simon 🙂 And I spent most of A Monster Calls wanting to climb inside the book and give Connor a hug. He has a tough time but comes through it stronger.
    I only just read The Raven Boys and liked all the characters very much. Now I’m looking forward to the next book (sometimes it’s great to come to a series late so you can avoid cliffhangers).
    I liked/loved all The Lunar Chronicles heroes but Thorne is still my favourite 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Argh, I know. Poor Conor. 😦
      Having also arrived late to the Raven Cycle, it was delightful to be able to finish one book and immediately pick up the next. I probably should have held back a bit, though, because now The Raven King is a physical need… whoops.
      And yesss, Thorne is the best and I will forever love him, as well. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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