TOP 15 BOOKS OF 2015

I thought I’d make this more interesting by jotting down my favorite bits about each book right underneath it. Here goes.

15. to all the boys i've loved before

  • Kitty
  • Jamie Fox-Pickles
  • So cute
  • So fluffy
  • That cover!

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Bookish Letdowns of 2015

While there were so many books I loved this year, there were many I abhorred with a sort of passion, and even more that were so disgusting meh.

I’m sorry if I offend you or your opinions. I tend to channel my inner Dolores Umbridge on these kinds of posts.

In fact, I have a lot of big, scary feelings that are dying to get out right about now.

Let’s explore them, shall we?Ugh. This one.

That’s the last time I ever say, “Ooh, look at all that hype! It must be decent enough.” Continue reading

Best Love Interests of 2015

As a precursor of sorts, I’d just like to say: This is so hard!

I don’t know why all of the fictional boys have to be so attractive.

There’s like this unspoken universal rule.

Therefore, I can’t put any rhyme or reason to this list, as they’re all my babies, and I love them fiercely.

1. anna and the french kiss

Étienne is a puppy dog, with less fur and slightly less slobber.

Just like a little puppy dog, he can’t make up his God-forsaken mind. It’s infuriating, really.

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The Forbidden Wish Review


There are just some books out there.

They tear open your heart.

Make you cry like a baby.

Laugh like a hyena.

Swear like a sailor.

They make you think.

They keep you up all night.

They leave your heart, your mind, your soul just a little bit heavier.

You don’t forget them.

And I know I won’t be leaving this story behind anytime soon.

Christmas Book Haul

Naturally, it being the day after Christmas and all, I received some books. And as I was going to put them on my bookshelves, I thought about you, dear reader.

I’m not certain if you really care all that much, but here’s my little Christmas book haul!

20151225_140220First up is as follows:

I’ve been wanting to read this one for a good long while, but mostly because Leigh Bardugo!

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12 Days of Christmas Book Tag

Thanks so much to Paige over at Page by Paige for tagging me. Go ahead check out her blog, if you don’t already know and adore it!

On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me: a partridge in a pear tree.

The partridge stood alone in the pear tree. What is your favorite stand alone?


Okay, ugh.

Stand-alones tend to be absolutely amazing, and I have far too many favorites.

I’ll just pick out a book that everybody who is human is bound to adore. Bonus: I never actually talk about The Fault in Our Stars, because everybody else does so enough for me, ten times over.

But yaaaay, Christmas jolly happy times! Embrace the things (oh yeah, and people, too) that you love! Continue reading

Best Friendships of 2015

Once again, I’ll just leave a little disclaimer that these aren’t necessarily books that were published in 2015, but simply a few I happened to read this year.


I really love the friendship between Nick and Simon and Leah. They’re just a big bundle of lovable, albeit flawed, characters and I really want to hug them all a lot. Continue reading

Happily Ever After Review

happily ever after.jpgMaybe it’s just me and my naivety, but I just love to look at this book.

I love the title. Happy endings are elusive, and they’re something to savor. I believe that we make happy endings for ourselves, and if we know that we can, we’ll always find a way to.

And just look at the girl on the cover. She’s so sereneShe’s peaceful, tranquil. She hasn’t a care in world. Isn’t it lovely to be like that, free and unburdened?

Yes, I loved this book. It’s not one of those books that’s breathtaking in its prose, or groundbreaking in its innovation.

But it’s a happy ending.

And that makes it all the better to me.

Dashing Through the Snow Book Tag

Thanks to Jessica at The Awkward Book Blogger and Anna at My Bookish Dream for tagging me. You two are now my best friends, whether you wish to be or not. Mwahaha.

1. Name a book you would like to see under your Christmas tree.

rose & the dagger

I would go to unreasonable lengths to have this glorious mesh of words under my Christmas tree.

I need it, I need it, I NEED IT.

But when it is Christmas, it won’t be there and I’ll sob a lot.

The best part is that I know my family will be whispering, “It’s that Aladdin book, isn’t it? Why didn’t you get it?! Wait, when does it come out? …Oh. Hmm. She really does need help controlling her emotions.” Continue reading