The Raven Boys Review

RavenBoys-most-recentMy rating: 5.1 out of 5 stars

Blue Sargent comes from a grotesquely clairvoyant family and naturally, as the main character of the book, she’s the only one in her home lacking their trademark psychic abilities. However, when she’s wandering an abandoned church’s grounds on St. Mark’s Eve (ever the typical teenage girl), she sees a spirit and is promptly told that she either kills this boy in the near future or falls in love with him. She meets said boy, Gansey, and quickly befriends his fairly clingy group of buddies, all of whom are tracking down the elusive, magical ley lines. Drama ensues.

I’d originally picked The Raven Boys up, oh, about a year ago and I did not like it one bit. No, siree. I found the writing too dense for my not-all-too-well-read brain and the plot too meh for my tastes.

It was just this month when I looked at my bookshelf and said, “Hmm. I absolutely loathed this story and never got around to finishing it. Sounds like a good book to me!”

But it is, dear reader. It’s a very good book.

The plot is a miraculous sort of thing. It’s strikingly imaginative and creative, and even though I’ve read a substantial amount of books in my days, I haven’t yet come across something quite like The Raven Boys.

It’s got it all.

It has magic. It has mystery. It has quite the charismatic characters. It has magic. It has romance. It has an actual plot. It has magic!

I’ll admit, the writing left me thoroughly trepidatious at first. It’s different than normal sorts of books. There’s something about it that makes it a tad more difficult of a read than those I’m accustomed to. I’m not sure what exactly (I’m not an English teacher and I will never analyze writing techniques of my own volition), but it’s certainly odd.

It sneaks up on you, though, The Raven Boys.

Somehow, I got hooked and devoured this story like a dog would greedily lick a mysterious substance off of a fire hydrant.

That is to say, I wasn’t thinking too hard when I started, but I found it to be a very enjoyable experience in the end.

Oh, the joy of similes.

But I digress.

I really enjoyed the characters in this book. They’re shockingly well developed, even though they seem like your typical teenage archetypes upon minimal inspection.

Also, there’s magic, dear reader. Magic is my favorite!

Lastly, though, I’d like to bring up that we need more sensible girls like Blue Sargent in books-that-have-romance-but-also-take-place-in-present-day-Earth-but-usually-America. There are plenty of American girls with functioning brains and a healthy amount of sarcasm to go right along with them!

At least, for the sake of my country, I hope so.

Well, we’ve got me, at least.



18 thoughts on “The Raven Boys Review

  1. I have been thinking about whether or not I should get this book. Your review won me over. This definitely sounds like my kinda story.

    And idk about American girls but I sure as hell would like to read more books that have sensible girls like Sydney Sage as opposed to the Bella Swans or Rose Hathaways we read about these days.


    1. Hooray! I completely agree, too. I’m glad that recently, at least, I’ve been seeing more strong heroines in young adult. 🙂

      It really infuriates me, though, when the heroine is so helpless and in need of a man to swoop in and save her. There are so many ladies out there in the real world who would never put up with that garbage, and by now I’m ranting (heh, heh), so I’ll leave it at that.

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      1. Lol for me the problem is when in order to make a heroine “badass” the authors show her as someone who has to have an angry, impulsive nature and more often than not she ends up making stupid mistakes because she acts without thinking first (eg Rose from Vampire Academy and Katniss from THG). My idea of badass is a brave but smart heroine who actually knows what she is doing.


  2. I had the same experience as you when I first opened this book, I just couldn’t get into the writing style, so I didn’t manage to get past the 2nd chapter. It’s still sitting unread on my shelf! But your review has convinced me to give it another go 🙂


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