Winter Review!

winterMy rating: HOLY MOTHER OF ALL THINGS BOOKISH IT’S OVER NOOOO out of 5 stars.

I won’t be providing a description, to save the souls of you folks who haven’t yet read the Lunar Chronicles. But, really (I’ve been told I can get a bit, ah, rude… so beware), shame on you if you’ve not read this beautiful, amazing, heart-rending piece of fantastic that us lesser beings refer to as a mere “book”.

Dear reader, I thought Cinder was amazing (and I still do, retract any of your fangirl claws at once).

But Winter? It’s a whole new level of oh-my-goodness-I-just-read-the-most-wonderful-book-is-it-legal-to-marry-books-yet sort of story.

So, first, the characters.

My dearest, beloved characters.

They’re all grown up now and oh, how it hurts to see my wee darlings scheming and killing and maiming left and right, like nobody’s business. They just grow up so fast…

Mom, if you’re reading this, I’m so sorry about puberty and every awkward teenage thing since. At least you can rest assured I’ll never grow up!

Anywho, Cinder and crew kick mountains upon mountains of butt, as per usual, while the plot keeps on raging in that steady crescendo that I, for one, have come to expect from Queen Marissa the Benevolent.

The plot is kind of perfection. There’s never a dull moment, never a missed punchline, and so much banter! My nails have been bit down to itty bitty little nubs, which is painful and infuriating, but this book— ugh in the very best way.

This is, by miles and miles, the best conclusion-to-a-series-I-love-way-more-than-is-socially-acceptable that I’ve ever read.

And you, dear reader, know I’m enamored with a book when my alarmingly dense compound phrases start popping up all over the place.

And, dear reader, I really want to spew all of my many, many feelings all over this post but I swore to myself that no spoilers, ignoramus, not even one.

Oh, how I want to spoil this book for you!

Here’s a solution. You can always read my mind through that screen of yours if you want to be spoiled and if you don’t want to be spoiled, please remain seated with your seatbelt fastened.

For those of you petty Earth-dwellers who can’t see the inner workings of my brain, I’ll just leave it at this: This book is maybe the best book that has been a book since the dawn of books.

I kind of shriveled up and died on the inside when I finished this book. I can’t make myself believe that this series is finished because that would mean… it’s over…for good?

Nope, no, no, no. Impossible. It lives on. 

It. Cannot. Be. Over.

I’m not in denial, w-what are you talking about? Those aren’t tears… somebody pepper-sprayed me in the face repeatedly just now.


All in all, I think you’ll find it in your best interest to believe me when I say that you want to read Winter, dear reader, you really want to read this book.


24 thoughts on “Winter Review!

      1. Gotcha, I mean I like graphic novels but eventually you have to read something with little to no pictures.I also didn’t really have any other books at hand. . .


      2. You really should. Its funny my grandmother got me this magma-my very first magma-for Christams and she was confused. She said ‘I don’t get it it’s just pictures’


      3. You really should. Its funny my grandmother got me this magma-my very first magma-for Christmas and she was confused. She said ‘I don’t get it it’s just pictures’

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      4. Really whenever my family gets together it can be described as ‘quite an event’. We play double solitaire to the death-not really but close-family feud, and 25, ooo dollar pyramid. Lets just say fast money can be very . . . unique. Once my grandmother said the batmobial was batman’s friend. Then again her sister had taken the obvious answer so.. .

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