August Wrap Up and September TBR

august wrap-upI read a grand total of 8 books this August.

That’s not the ideal number, no. However, I was extremely busy doing all the extraordinarily important things that fill my life…

Nah. I was just napping a whole lot. Come on now, guys, what did you really think? Me? Going outside?

Anywho, here’s a nifty little list of all those books, their Goodreads page, and my review, if I’ve written it yet. In other words, you won’t find any reviews.

So, so, so good. I will write a review sometime soon-ish, but dear reader, I strongly encourage you to read this book as soon as physically possible.

Another great read. This one is great for those of you who love fantasy or the hopeless romantics out there.

Though I didn’t find it quite as well done as the first book, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, this one is a great read for contemporary and/ or Jenny Han fans.

Awful. This book made me so very infuriated. I’ll explain more in my review (coming soon, I promise!) but, for now, just stay away. If you’re walking through a bookstore and see a copy, I fully expect you to knock it on the ground and run away.

I didn’t really enjoy this one, though it wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever read. I’ll leave it at “Meh” for the time being.

I’m in the minority, but I did not at all enjoy this book. It’s upsettingly similar to too many books I’ve read before, but with many more flaws. You’ll be able to find an angry rant (review, for you fancy folk) right over here.

This one was really cute, but kind of disappointing after having read all of West’s other contemporary novels.

This was required reading, so you, dear reader, can probably guess (and correctly, too) that it wasn’t so great. Yeah, I’m being disgustingly vague, I know.

I’m currently reading the following books, as well:

I hope to finish them both in September.

Also, I’ve hastily decided before posting this that I’d like to read these (hopefully) wonderful books in the month of September. I’ve even added a classic, in hopes I’ll be able to keep with my goal of reading a classic each month. I know it’s certainly not a lot, but school’s back in session come September and I’ll be dedicating almost all of my time to my studies. You must admit, though, dear reader, I am terribly good at excuses.

I can’t believe I’ve made it this far in life without reading that last one. It’s painfully embarrassing, actually. I could just never bring myself to read a book in which books are being burned before now.

Oh, wait, I did read The Book Thief.


I hope by setting the bar extremely low on September’s goals, I’ll be able to surpass them. But  probably not, no.


3 thoughts on “August Wrap Up and September TBR

  1. I commend you for managing to finish so many books you don’t like. Lately I’ve been DNFing a lot, even books I thought were just good but not great. I want to read Queen of Shadows so badly! I just don’t have time to start reading such a long, addictive book right now and probably won’t for the next couple weeks at the very least, if not longer.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. I don’t like DNFing if I can help it, unless it’s truly an awful book. And I know what you mean about Queen of Shadows! I’m also really excited to read it but I have a disgusting amount of schoolwork to work on at all times, which unfortunately equals no reading time whatsoever.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I used to feel that way about DNFing, but now that I’ve started writing reviews of books, writing more, and critiquing for author friends bad books are a lot harder to get though because what I want to do is give the author pages and pages of critique, but of course I can’t.

        Same here with regards to schoolwork. I’ve had to resort to reading novellas and books much shorter than I would like to find any time at all.

        Liked by 1 person

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