Open Road Summer Review

My rating: 1.5 out of 5 starsopen road summer

Reagan is the worst kind of person. She knows that she is the worst kind of person. She embraces the fact that she is the worst kind of person, until she goes through a rough breakup and realizes she truly is the worst kind of person. She decides it’s fine time to clean up her act. Luckily for her, her best friend and beloved country star, Dee, is going on a 24-city tour that summer. Reagan is welcome to tag along, so she figures, what could possibly go wrong? It’s an ingenious plan Reagan has, really. If you can’t get over your breakup, run from it! Soon enough, another musician joins their little cadre and Reagan can’t help but succumb to his boyish charm. She just can’t decide if he’s the sweet, down-to-earth guy she sees or if there’s more to him than she thought.

I dunno, guys. I just don’t get it.

Reagan is an infuriating main character. She’s insecure, yet she takes every chance she can to bash on any other girl she looks at, save for Dee. Forget about it if these girls go anywhere near her beloved Matt Finch. Nobody is allowed within twenty feet of the boy she loathes one minute and is swooning over the next.

The story itself was… redeemable. It just didn’t ever feel like it was going anywhere and it rarely ever was. The whole book was a painfully drawn out summer from the perspective of a girl who got to tag along on a country-wide tour and complained about the injustice of it all the entire time. Boo-hoo, Reagan.

Boo-hoo for you.

There is one reason and one reason only that I decided to be extremely generous and give this book 1.5 stars. I loved Dee and Reagan’s friendship, even though Reagan seemed to try and mess it up every chance she got. I’m so very glad that in the midst of the nonexistent sparks we were supposed to see between Matt and Reagan, there was something to keep me from putting the book down. By putting the book down, I mean throwing it angrily at a brick wall and proceeding to stomp on it repeatedly.

In fact, you can take that statement back. Not the stomping one- I mean that wholeheartedly. What I mean is that I’m not glad there was something, albeit something disgustingly small, that kept me from giving up on Open Road Summer. I sincerely wish I hadn’t wasted a couple of hours of my life on this book.

To finish off  this review, I’ll give you, dear reader, a wee taste of what you’ll get if you decide to give Open Road Summer a try.

Reagan: I want Matt Finch. Wait, no. Nope. I’m over him.

Two and a half minutes pass.

Reagan: Actually, he’s kind of hot. Yeah, I definitely want Matt Finch. We were meant to be. What do you think, Dee?

Dee: Go for it, Reagan.

Reagan: I see how it is, Dee. Just avoid my questions. I don’t need you. I’ll go to Matt. You’re a lousy friend, anyway.

Dee: …

Reagan: Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry! It’s all Matt’s fault! He’s a good for nothing little-

Dee: Um, Reagan. Are you feeling okay? Maybe you should get some rest…

Reagan: Oh, so you want me to go away? Fine, then! I’m going! Do you see me walking away from you? That’s what you deserve! I’m not sure if I’ll ever come back, Dee! All you do is just change your mind over and over and I’m done with it, do you hear me?

Dee: You’re still standing in the same spot, you know.

Reagan: …

Reagan: Hey, so want to get some food? I’m famished.


4 thoughts on “Open Road Summer Review

  1. I have heard nothing but bad things about this book but confusingly enough her newest book has amazing stellar reviews. (I reviewed it as well, it was really good…again a surprise.) So I hope this book doesn’t scare you away from trying out her other books. 🙂


  2. Honestly, I just skimmed through the book review because I’m afraid I might pick up some spoilers. I’m actually planning on picking up this book but I saw you gave it 1.5 stars. Now I’m having doubts. Is it that bad or is it just Reagan? LOL.
    Anyway! Thanks for following my blog. 😀


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