Hey, guys.

Sorry that this is weird and cryptic and completely out of the blue, but I think I’m going to delete this blog for good.

My life has changed a lot in the past two years and I don’t think the blog is something I’ll be able to maintain anymore.

Sorry if I’m letting any of you down.

Like always, I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback. I’m up for any comments you want to leave me.

Love ya always.

Xoxo Bree

Review: Wink Poppy Midnight by April Genevieve Tucholke

wink poppy midnight

Hiya. I’m Bree, I’m an avid reader, and I did not like Wink Poppy Midnight.

I know what you’re thinking. It’s all because of that infuriating lack of punctuation in the title, isn’t it, Bree? And while you’re not wrong about that disgusting grammar and all (typing out the title pains me more than I’m willing to admit), that’s not, in fact, the only reason this book wasn’t my cup of tea.

The rest of my hatred is due fully to the book cover.


I mean, come on, what kind of a review would this be if I only complained about two things? I know it’s been a while, but you guys know me better than that!

In actuality, though, the cover is grody. I’m fully aware that it’s widely considered stunning and gorgeous and all, but… it’s really just atrocious. Sorry, loves. Don’t mean to disappoint, but… nah, that’s a lie. I love disappointing you guys. That’s just the beautiful kind of person I am.

Person. People. Characters… therefore, transition (my English teacher would be so proud)!

For me at least, the characters are what make or break a contemporary novel.

In fantasy or sci-fi or what-have-you, if things are getting dull or a character’s voice starts to become monotonous or the plot starts to drag, BOOM, there’s a dragon to spice things up.

Contemporary is a genre about the real world and real life and real people and real incidents and heck, it gets awfully boring. So, what’s left besides a good plot?

Hooray, only the people. I just love people. They’re my favorite.

(That’s such a lie. I’d live in a fortress full of puppies, if it was up to me.)

I’ll admit that the characters in Wink Poppy Midnight— Wink, Poppy, and Midnight respectively— were… well, they were characters. They were human people in a book and they were definitely, definitely… characters.

They were just really awful characters.

Here’s a pretty picture to distract you while you tear your hair out whilst screaming my name furiously over the range of three octaves:

wink poppy midnight

*And to give credit where credit is due, this picture isn’t mine. I found it on this neat Instagram page here. Yeah, I Instagram now! Aren’t I all hip and chic nowadays?

But back to my controversial opinions!

The one thing I did like is how this book showed that not every hero is brimming with righteousness and justice and selflessness. Sometimes heroes get scared. Sometimes they make mistakes. Sometimes they’re good, but sometimes they’re not. Humans are rarely flawless (me being the natural exception) and heroes are, depressingly enough, humans. They are in contemporary books, at least. Gosh, I told you contemporary is boring.

But all these characters fell flat. Each one was an overused archetype: the rich, bratty tyrant who constantly uses others for her own sick pleasure, the boy with the soft heart and the soft soul that can’t bring himself to ever really see all of what’s going on, and… wait for it… the weird girl who likes books.

There’s always the token pariah and her books.

Of course.

It might’ve just be me, but I also didn’t find the characters’ voices to be all that unique. If the sections from each character’s perspective weren’t so short, I think I would have had some trouble distinguishing whose bits were whose.

Which brings me to the writing style.

Lyrical, mystical, beautiful. That’s what I heard before I dived in.

And the writing style was admittedly unlike any other I’ve read before, I’ll say that much.

It wasn’t good, not by any means, but it was new.

Don’t hurt me, because here’s a gorgeous painting of Wink from the ridiculously talented Fhy @ Vvords Up to distract you once more:

wink.png Yeah, anywho, the writing felt really choppy and repetitive to me. It tried really hard to be mysterious and magical and all that, but I wasn’t buying it. A squirrel could probably write with more grace.

And I mean that in the most heartfelt way, I do.

Finally, just to wrap it up, I would give my opinion on the plot but that’s a bit difficult, seeming that there is no plot whatsoever for a good 96% of this book, and then a whole bunch of deceit and lies and angst shoved down your throat at the end.


Final verdict: 2/5 stars 

But Bree, you ask desperately, why didn’t you give this book one star? Why add an entire second star if you genuinely have nothing good to say about it?

I’ll tell you why.

After I finished reading the book, I vomited in my mouth a little bit, and went to shut the book… and I saw this:

The author has Harry Potter glasses, for goodness’ sake.

That right there was an automatic second star. I’m a sophisticated book reviewer, after all. I’ve got to be reasonable with these sorts of things.

…I mean, when have I ever been unreasonable? 😉

Get to Know Me Tag

Here’s the point where the sensible ones read this post’s title and run away.

Anywho, thanks to the lovely Mariana at Book is Glee for tagging me ages ago. Sorry I’m the actual worst at updating this blog!

Here we go.

Vital Stats

Name: Technically, Brianna. But call me that and chances are, I’ll hurt you in the face.

Nickname: Bree

Birthday: January 18

Star Sign: Capricorn… I am indeed a goat, which is far more accurate than I’m comfortable with.

Occupation: Student Continue reading

Pitiful March Wrap-Up and April TBR

I blame my lack of any reading whatsoever on Peter Pan, AKA the most disgustingly racist musical I’ve ever been a part of.

Because apparently it’s just hilarious to mock American Indians!

Har, har, bloody har.

Just in case you think I’m joking, here’s a list of the lines our “Native Americans” hollered across the stage like dying cows:

  1. Ugga wugga wigwam
  2. Ugga wugga meatball
  3. Ugga wugga ostrich
  4. Ugga wugga pirates
  5. Ugga wugga Hook
  6. Ugg-revenge
  7. And, of course, various pitches of primal screaming

But that’s quite enough of that for one lifetime, so now I’m never going to think about it again and instead get on with this post.

march wrap-up

I read a grand total of three books this month.

But let’s not dwell on that, because aggggghhhhh. Continue reading

5 Things I Need to See in The Raven King

raven kingAs per usual, I was fantasizing about the day that The Raven King will finally come out… but this time around, I found myself a tad frightened.

As we all know, I’m more than a little obsessed with everything concerning the Raven Cycle. I’m far too emotionally invested in the characters and need desperately to know what happens to my dearest little fleshloafs.

I have no doubt that Maggie Stiefvater will write an amazing conclusion to the series and leave my heart, spleen, and clavicle aching. I just can’t help but feel a bit horrified at the prospect of something going terribly wrong in The Raven King.

So I made a list of a few things I’d very much like to see.

Just a note: Maggie Stiefvater, if you’re reading this, (a) I am not worthy and (b) I fully expect you to rewrite your entire novel if it does not meet my criteria.

Here goes. Continue reading

The Outsiders Review

the outsiders

Well, shoot.

I thought this was going to be a really easy review to write, as I am so freaking in love with this book. 

But of course not. That would make things nice and simple and would make Bree happy and we can’t have that, now can we.

Heck, I’ll give this my best shot. A for effort, right?

…Just don’t expect me to do this book justice of any sort. Continue reading

January Wrap-Up and February TBR

First of all, I’M SORRY!

I haven’t posted anything or even acknowledged the blogosphere in far too long.  Here are my excuses:

  1. Hell week
  2. Hell week
  3. The week before hell week, which was basically just another hell week

I’m telling you, school plays are exhausting.


But for now, my belated wrap-up. Continue reading